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Classes at Studio S

You can sign up for a class at any time since all of our classes are on-going and there is no waiting period to start a class.

The student’s age is used as a guideline for placing a student in a class.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  
Students start with level 1 and progress on an individual basis.

Our flexible environment allows student to join a class at any time during the calendar year.

Private lessons are available by appointment.

To sign up for a dance class or inquire about our classes, please call us at (650) 363-0303 or email us.


Tuition is payable IN FULL before your first class of each month. Please email or call for current rates.

        Do not drop off a child, or come to class without providing for payment.

        Bring your Check, Cash, Visa or  Mastercard to the first class each month.

        All checks are to be made payable to:  Studio S Broadway

        Cash payments are accepted, but no change can be given. The front desk can, at the payers request, apply the balance

        of a cash payment toward the following month's tuition.

Attendance Policy

        Students need to check in at the front desk before entering the dance area.  If there is a billing dispute, it MUST be  

        resolved before the student will be allowed to receive instruction.

        Studio S Broadway is a family oriented business. Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to watch their child(ren)  

        during class.  If, as a parent/guardian, you must leave your child, please notify the teacher or the person at the front

        desk of your appropriate time of return and also leave a phone number to be used in case of emergency.


Class Make Up Policy
        Make up classes are to be used in place of classes missed during a fully paid billing period.
       "Make ups" must be used within two months of the original date missed.
        When attending a make up class, be prepared to provide the front desk and teacher with the date and class missed.
        Please check with our class teacher or the front desk to find out which classes are appropriate for make-ups.
        In the rare instance a student knows he/she will be missing a regular scheduled class, make ups may be made in      

        advance of that class if the student paid in full.

Office Policy
        No student, under any circumstance, will be allowed to enter the area surrounding the front desk.
        If use of the office phone is required, for emergencies only, permission must be obtained from a Staff member of Studio

        S Broadway.

        The only time tuition will be pro rated is the first month a student has ever taken a class at Studio S Broadway.  There

        are no exceptions.

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