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Costume Information 

Click on each link to see costume information for that show. 

Show 1 will be performing at 11:00am 
Saturday, 9:00am Twinkle Star
Saturday, 9:30am Twinkle Star
Saturday, 10:15am Twinkle Star
Monday, 6:30pm Tap
Monday, 7:30pm Jazz Funk
Friday, 6:30pm Tap

Show 2 will be performing at 1:00pm 
Tuesday, 3:30pm Show Stars Ballet 
Tuesday, 4:15pm Show Stars Jazz 
Wednesday, 5:30pm Ballet
Wednesday, 4:30pm PreContemporary
Friday, 3:45pm Show Stars Tap

Show 3 will be performing at 2:00pm 
Monday, 4:30pm Hip Hop
Monday, 5:30pm Show Stars Hip Hop
Wednesday, 3:30pm Hip Hop
Wednesday, 3:30pm House
Thursday, 7:30pm Advanced Hip Hop

Show 4 will be performing at 3:00pm 
Monday, 4:30pm Tap 
Monday, 5:30pm Jazz 
Tuesday, 6:00pm Advanced Tap 
Tuesday, 7:00pm Advanced Jazz 
Wednesday, 6:30pm Ballet 
Thursday, 6:30pm Advanced Contemporary
Friday, 4:30pm Jazz 
Friday, 5:30pm Tap 
Saturday, 11:00am Advanced Tap 
Saturday, 12:00pm Contemporary 
Saturday, 1:00pm Jazz 

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